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Portable Toilet Rentals in New Jersey

Go Pro Portable Toilet Solutions in Northern New Jersey!

Are you undertaking a construction project in Northern New Jersey and in need of reliable and convenient restroom solutions? Look no further than Go Pro Waste Services! We are here to revolutionize your on-site sanitation experience with our top-notch portable toilets, designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of residential and commercial construction projects.

When you choose Go Pro Waste Services, you can expect nothing but excellence every step of the way. Our portable toilets are delivered directly to your construction job site and serviced by our dedicated staff. We take immense pride in providing the highest quality porta potties in the industry, ensuring accuracy, dependability, and professionalism are at the core of our service.

As a preferred supplier of portable toilets to the construction trade in Northern New Jersey, Go Pro Waste Services has established a stellar reputation for delivering unparalleled customer service. We understand the demanding nature of your work and strive to make your experience seamless and hassle-free. From the moment you contact us, our team of experts will handle all aspects of your rental, ensuring a stress-free process from start to finish.

Determining the appropriate number of restrooms for your commercial or construction site is crucial to maintaining a productive and comfortable work environment. Adhering to the industry standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), we recommend one portable toilet per 10 workers for a 40-hour work week. Simply reach out to our knowledgeable team, and we will guide you in selecting the optimal quantity to meet your specific needs in Northern New Jersey.

Our Flushable Units For Rent

Features of our portable toilets:

Step inside and experience the epitome of comfort and functionality. Our spacious interiors provide ample room for ease of movement, ensuring a pleasant restroom experience for all users. The anti-slip floor surface guarantees safety, even in demanding work environments, providing peace of mind. With the convenience of an occupancy signal latch, you can rest assured that privacy is always respected, creating a comfortable space for everyone.

We understand the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment on your construction site. That’s why our portable toilets come equipped with two tissue rolls for your convenience. Maximum ventilation ensures optimal airflow, eliminating any unpleasant odors and promoting a fresh atmosphere. Our sanitary seat deck and floor design prioritize cleanliness, offering a pristine experience every time you step in. Plus, the translucent roof allows natural light to illuminate the interior, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere, even during daytime.

Porta Potty Dimensions:

Standing tall at a height of 88″ and boasting a width of 44″ and depth of 48″, our porta potties provide ample space without compromising on functionality. We understand the importance of accommodating your construction site layout while prioritizing your comfort and convenience.

At Go Pro Waste Services, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. With our superior portable toilets, exceptional customer service, and unwavering dedication to your satisfaction, we become your trusted partner for all your on-site restroom needs in Northern New Jersey.

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Let us take care of your sanitation requirements with the utmost professionalism and reliability. Experience the difference of working with the best in the industry in Northern New Jersey!

Top 10 most common uses for porta potty’s in the Garden State

When it comes to furnishing reliable and convenient restroom solutions, the versatility of portable lavatories knows no bounds in the magnificent state of New Jersey. From bustling construction sites to vibrant outdoor galas, these transportable amenities have demonstrated their adaptability and pragmatism. Let us embark on an exploration of the manifold applications for portable lavatories in New Jersey and how they augment the holistic encounter for both natives and tourists.

Construction Sites

Construction projects dot the landscape of New Jersey, and portable lavatories stand as an indispensable presence amidst these sites. They furnish vital restroom facilities for toiling workers, ensuring accessible avenues to hygiene. By providing a functional remedy, portable lavatories contribute to heightened efficiency and facilitate the maintenance of pristine and well-organized workspaces across the state.

Outdoor Events

New Jersey hosts an extensive array of open-air events, ranging from euphonic music festivals to spirited sports spectacles and jovial carnivals. Portable lavatories frequently grace these occasions, accommodating the throngs of attendees. These mobile installations offer a convenient and hygienic solution, ensuring that revelers have unencumbered access to restroom amenities without taxing the existing infrastructure. Whether reveling in the resonance of live melodies or cheering on athletic prowess, portable lavatories ensure an ambiance of comfort for all participants.

Parks and Recreational Areas

New Jersey is blessed with resplendent parks, picturesque hiking trails, and captivating recreational realms. To cater to the needs of visitors, many of these locales are adorned with portable lavatories. These facilities provide a sanitary sanctuary for aficionados of nature, allowing them to relish outdoor pursuits without compromising on comfort or hygiene. Be it traversing the trails or indulging in a languid picnic, portable lavatories ensure that visitors can immerse themselves in the splendor of New Jersey’s natural wonders without fretting over restroom availability.


The Garden State boasts an assortment of campgrounds, beckoning fervent devotees of the great outdoors. Portable lavatories serve as ubiquitous sentinels within these sites, proffering indispensable restroom facilities for intrepid campers. They present a convenient recourse in remote reaches where erecting permanent lavatory structures may prove impractical or unfeasible. Campers revel in the serenity of nature while reveling in the convenience of clean and accessible restrooms.

Construction and Renovation Projects

Beyond dedicated construction sites, portable lavatories find prominence during residential renovation projects or ambitious remodeling endeavors throughout New Jersey. Homeowners and workers reap the rewards of these transient yet effortlessly accessible restroom solutions, ensuring unparalleled convenience and an atmosphere of immaculate cleanliness throughout the construction process. Whether rejuvenating abodes or revitalizing commercial edifices, portable lavatories offer a pragmatic response to the call for restroom amenities.

Emergency Situations

In times of natural calamities or unforeseen crises, New Jersey faces distinct challenges. Portable lavatories emerge as pivotal instruments, bestowing fundamental sanitation facilities upon disaster-stricken areas, temporary havens, or emergency response sites. These transportable marvels are deployed to meet the pressing needs of affected individuals, imparting a sense of dignity and ensuring hygiene amid trying circumstances.

Film Sets and Productions

New Jersey teems with a flourishing film industry, with myriad movie sets and outdoor shooting locales strewn across the state. Portable lavatories furnish a practical recourse, furnishing sanitary facilities for the cast and crew. They empower film productions to sustain a milieu of comfort and cleanliness on location, thereby fortifying a seamless and triumphant filming endeavor.

Remote Work Sites

New Jersey encompasses a melange of laborious environs, from secluded mining operations to sprawling agricultural landscapes and offshore oil rigs. In these realms where erecting permanent restroom structures proves arduous, portable lavatories assume the mantle of indispensable facilities for toiling workers. They endow these industrious individuals with the requisite restroom amenities, promoting hygiene and well-being in these remote work sites.

Parades and Festivals

New Jersey pulsates with vivacious parades, jubilant festivals, and exhilarating carnivals that exalt the state’s rich cultural heritage. To ensure the comfort and contentment of participants and onlookers, strategically positioned portable lavatories grace these festivities. These lavatories furnish clean and accessible restrooms, enabling participants to revel in the merriment without concern for restroom availability. From resplendent parades in Newark to lively festivals along the Jersey Shore, portable lavatories contribute to the seamless ebb and flow of events, creating a superlative experience for all attendees.

Temporary Locations

In the dynamic tapestry of New Jersey’s business landscape, temporary setups abound. Portable lavatories find their idyllic abode within mobile offices, construction trailers, and temporary retail spaces. They provide a convenient and hygienic recourse for employees and customers in these transitory environs. Be it an office within a construction site or a pop-up boutique amidst the bustling urban sprawl, portable lavatories ensure that indispensable restroom facilities remain within reach, fostering an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

New Jersey wholeheartedly embraces the versatility of portable lavatories across a myriad of industries and events. From construction sites to outdoor festivals, parks, campgrounds, and emergency scenarios, these transportable amenities assume a pivotal role in satiating the restroom needs of individuals throughout the state. With their inherent convenience, accessibility, and unwavering commitment to sanitation, portable lavatories continue to elevate the overall experience for denizens and sojourners alike, ushering in a seamless and gratifying sojourn within the diverse landscapes of New Jersey.