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Dumpster Rental for Yard Waste

This refers to waste resulting from environmental or seasonal clean-ups, tree and shrub removal or trimming and general backyard overhauls. This yard waste necessitates removal and disposal and sometimes the huge leaf bags and containers are not enough to execute this project. In the case of a landscaping project, the associated waste entails heavy debris that can only be remedied through the acquisition of a dumpster rental for this yard waste because the traditional yard waste disposal methods cannot suffice in such instances. This article will proceed to discuss and elaborate further on the subject so that you can decipher whether a dumpster rental is perfect for your yard waste.

Ideal Size

There are different dumpster sizes for yard waste as long you are wary of the weight limits. An example is a 10-yard dumpster ideal for small sites and for relatively tiny landscaping projects. It is great for a single residence and the minute tasks in such a property such as dirt removal and the normal maintenance of the yard.

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The most popular dumpster rental with regard to yard waste is the 20-yard dumpster. It is deemed the most fitting for landscaping debris as it ensures that you remain within the confines of the stipulated weight limit. For some complex projects such as heaving yard waste and removing tree limbs, this 20-yard dumpster aids to avoid being overcharged due to extra fees related to restrictions rendering it the most ideal for yard debris. Its total weight limit ranges from 2 to 3 tons implying it has sufficient space for your landscaping debris.

On the other hand, a 30-yard dumpster is great where the landscape is being redesigned and for the removal of sods. Contractors working in a commercial setting mostly prefer it. A 40-yard dumpster is suitable for landscaping in commercial and industrial complexes or other entities such as schools and hospitals. It is the biggest dumpster available thus perfect for such large projects.

What Does a Yard Waste Dumpster Accommodate?

A dumpster allows for the normal debris resulting from landscaping projects. It is also suitable for waste from the routine maintenance of the yard. This includes but is not limited to leaves, tiny branches, shrubs, medium-sized logs and tree stumps though this might require prior clarification and elucidation from some dumpster rental companies. Flowers and other related grass clippings are also good candidates for this kind of dumpster rental. This also includes dirt, as long it does not involve any contaminants.

Some materials such as undesired outdoor furniture can also be added to the yard waste dumpster including any fencing or lumber. However, hazardous materials are not allowed into the yard waste dumpster and this restriction is critical as it conforms to most local environmental regulations which should be strictly adhered to.


A dumpster rental for yard waste helps in time-saving as you are amply guided from the point of selection of the ideal dumpster size to the penultimate instance of loading. This also includes precise and unique delivery as the dumpster is placed where you desire and this simplifies the loading of debris. For yard waste, dumpster rentals are able to handle diverse materials ranging from logs and branches and this ensures that all the waste emanating from your yard is catered for. Due to the complexities and intricacies of yard waste removal, a dumpster rental helps smoothen the entire process. Usually, if you are undertaking this project by yourself or with a few people hired to clean up your yard, there will be multiple visits to the landfill and sometimes without disposing of the yard waste accordingly. This can be remedied by a dumpster rental for yard waste, which renders the entire work cost-effective and efficient.

It is less time-consuming, reliable and most importantly safe. Further, it entails enough space for you to fill at your own convenience and this makes the whole task less laborious due to the eliminated numerous trips to the fills. Finally, it is eco-friendly as the materials involved are recyclable. Hiring a dumpster for organic yard waste ensures that all the materials are recycled and the implication herein is saving on costs.

The article has sufficiently discussed what a dumpster rental for yard waste entails and the ideal sizes for you in case you are desirous of hiring one. This also includes all the accruing benefits, which have been clearly highlighted above. Therefore, in case you have regular yard maintenance or an overhaul of your landscape, do not hesitate to hire a dumpster rental for yard waste, as the benefits are innumerable.

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