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Portable Toilet Rental Guidelines

Portable toilets are necessary alternatives in occasions, places and varying locations where access to the usual restrooms that many are accustomed to is quite limited.

They guarantee conformity with clearly stipulated health guidelines that facilitate proper sanitation whilst simultaneously enhancing convenience for many as temporary washroom facilities.

However, there is a need to have properly outlined portable toilet rental guidelines that make it easy and seamless for builders, promoters, organizers and rental companies to avail this service effectively guaranteeing proper hygiene standards.

This article will clearly highlight and discuss the various guidelines. 

Establishing the Number of Toilets

Do you need a portable toilet for rent?

This is easily determined by figuring out the number of people projected to attend a certain event or those marked and identified as workers at a specified building site. Further, various regulatory bodies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) exist, and they clearly define the suggested ratio as having a toilet to person ratio of 1:20. More so, by identifying the duration of the function or project scope and timelines, determining the required quantity of portable toilets is straightforward. The implication herein is the longer the period, the greater the count of portable toilets required and for a longer rental period as a result. This might also necessitate frequent servicing and cleaning if such toilets will be needed for an extended period. Of utmost importance is that the portable toilets be made available in strict consonance with the present gender thus providing different portable toilet provision for both men and women hence enhancing privacy and equity.

Contemplating the Ideal Placement

Ample considerations ought to be made ensuring that the toilet is placed on a level ground and in an accessible area devoid of any inhibitions. Further, it is vital to ensure that those with any impairments pertaining to mobility, vision or otherwise are sufficiently taken care of to guarantee convenience for everyone. Every person attending the event and each worker at the site should be capable of accessing the portable restroom rentals without any obstacles. The toilets should also be distant from the food areas but within the precincts of the area or event location. This guarantees that all hygiene protocols are observed hence lessening probable contamination. The portable toilets should have sufficient ventilation and ought to be placed in an area with sunlight to prevent the buildup of bad odors as well as helping them dry faster. This includes clear and visible labelling and signage to aid in navigation and to accord the guests and personnel with directions for ease of access.

Proper Maintenance

The toilets should be cleansed frequently and periodically especially in areas experiencing some relatively high traffic. All surfaces should be properly sanitized and toiletries replenished on time hence not only leaving the toilets in pristine condition but also enhancing functionality. It is also critical to plan for emergencies spawning from any challenges that might surface pertaining to the toilets. A substitute plan is important for continuity and seamless transition with any unwarranted interruptions. More so, a scheduled toilet inspection ensures that all concerns and glitches are identified early and remedied without spiraling out of control.

Adherence to Health and Safety Protocols

While renting these toilets, it is imperative that you comply with the requisite regulations such permits and licenses that might be necessary in some areas premised on the type of event or project thus avoiding any legal challenges. Conforming to the set sanitary standards is vital to curb any potential spread of diseases hence implying that there should be proper disposal of waste, cleaning schedules and a hand washing set up. Regulatory entities also provide that you should ensure that there is ease of access for the differently abled and this can be achieved through grab bars and broader doorways.

Environmental Influences

This considerations help towards protecting the environment. When renting portable toilets, it is essential to make sure that the waste is disposed accordingly in approved amenities that are duly licensed to handle such toilet refuse. You should also strive to provide toiletries and cleaning agents that are biodegradable hence lessening the effect and footprint emanating from the utilization of mobile toilets. Finally, there needs to be concerted efforts towards water conservation through the application of waterless urinals and low flush portable toilet systems.

All the foregoing portable toilet rental guidelines are geared towards assuring all that there is proper sanitation practices, cleanliness, reachability and compliance with health and sanitation regulations. By following the aforementioned guidelines, every event organizer, rental organization or contractor should be able to deliver decent washroom facilities to the attendees or workers without issues.

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